Thursday, November 12, 2009

Now We Are Two

Patrick Hennessey, Chris Neill, Paul Burke, Deborah Levy, Kerry Shale and Thomas Walsh.

Our second event took place last night at The Compass. Thanks to everyone who came to hear a terrific set of storytellers.

Paul Burke attended the previous TSTL and felt he ought to have a go himself. He began the evening with a cautionary tale of the dangers of being less than completely candid with one's wife, even when you have nothing significant to hide. This caused sympathetic sucking of air through teeth from all the husbands in the room. Paul works in advertising and his latest novel is "Father Frank". He was followed by author, actress and playwright Deborah Levy with one about the laxative effects of those exotic syrups sold in upmarket coffee shops. This found its mark among those people in the room who have known the unique terror of looking for a lavatory in south Kensington early in the morning. You can find out more about Deborah here. The first half was closed out in fine style by the estimable Thomas Walsh and his Pugwash colleagues who performed two songs, "It's Nice To be Nice" from his new compilation album and, for the particular benefit of Mark Ellen, The Duckworth Lewis Method's "The Age Of Revolution".

When I first asked Patrick Hennessey to come and tell a story I didn't twig the date was Remembrance Day. A former Guards officer (now a law student) and the author of "The Junior Officers Reading Club", Patrick talked movingly and hilariously about Warrant Officer Class 1 Darren "Daz" Chant. Explaining the unique relationship between an untried officer and a hugely experienced NCO, Patrick said "we called each other sir but only one of us meant it and it wasn't him." Darren Chant was killed last week along with four other British soldiers. Following this, Chris Neill rightly decided that what we all needed was a good story about a dinner party, the gender properties of different food stuffs and the guest who rang up in the middle of the night to complain. He was hilarious. You can read his blog here.

Kerry Shale MC-ed, Kate Bland got it all down on whatever they use nowadays instead of tape and quite a few people were still enjoying the food and drink at The Compass when I came back ages later to get the iPod I'd left behind. Thanks to everyone who came and contributed, whether they spoke or sat and listened. Our next event is at the same place on December 2nd. Please get in touch via if you want to know more.

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  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful, wish I could get to London to attend one of these!

    Must look into "borrowing" your idea somewhere in my area... if you don't mind.